Need a website? I'm yours.

I love creating, and making websites has been one of my keenest interests since the age of 10, and a lot have happened since!

If you want a website for a company, designer, artist or perhaps just for yourself, write to me and I'll contact you before you know it! In the meanwhile, check out my portfolio and read about me and what I do.

In the news! blog

Hudspecialisten is probably the leading skincare blog in Sweden. is a WordPress blog, perfectly run by Annica Forsgren and her folks at Skincity, developed by me and designed by Daniel Emanuelsson.

Marginalen Bank – När bär det av?

To present to their customers the advantages of the Marginalen Traveller card, Marginalen Bank needed a stand-alone yet fully customizable widget to place on their site, either embedded or as a popup. For this I developed a JavaScript+HTML+CSS plugin ready to be tossed around anywhere and on any device.

The You Way – A responsive e-commerce experience

The You Way is one of Sweden’s first throughout responsive e-commerce sites. It is a cross-device browsing experience created using several low-complexity and clever techniques.

It features The Beavioral Grid, a three-column fluid grid that provides column behaviors depending on the browser width/device type, rather than simply column widths.

A completely random number!


You'll probably want to share this with the world. If not you can refresh this page to get a new, even more random number! They are free for anyone to generate, manipulate and share with anyone they desire.

The generated number falls under the GNU Public License v3.0.